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Are you looking for the path  to take your equestrian perfomance and your entire life to the 7th level?

What is the 7th level?

COR.E Perfomanace Dynamics, the method of coaching I use, is rooted in the concept that your ENERGY has everything to do with how you show up for your performances and life. The COR.E Energy construct is the idea that there are 7 levels of energy-each one exponentially higher and more powerful than the previous one. As we work through this program together, I will give you the tools you need to obtain the skills to take yourself to that 7th level!



What Is Coaching?

Your Sports Performance Coach

A sports coach helps athletes increase their athletic potential by analyzing their performance and providing instuctions to improve skills. 

As your Sports Performance Coach, I will help you find clarity from within, overcome challenges, with your own solutions, and ultimately accomplish your goals on your terms.

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Are you as fit as your horse?
Doesn’t he deserve you to be?

Let’s cut to the chase. Riding is a SPORT, and YOU are an ATHLETE! We will work together to make sure that your fitness and nutrition is designed to allow you to performa at your very best-both in the saddle and in life. 

Your Wellness In Life Coach

Life is more than just physcial fitness-although your health is something to invest in and protect! But to experience your unlimited potential in life, you will want to also find wellness in all areas of your life, including your mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual wellness.

Your One-to-One, Small, or Large Group Coach

  • One-to-One Coaching is best for indiviudal who wants the most personal and customizable program
  • Small Group Coaching is great for 3-5 people with similar interests and goals
  • Large Group Coaching is great those intersted in coaching at a more afforadble pricepoint

What Coaching is not…

Coaching is sometimes confused with other one-to-one professional relationships, like consulting, mentoring, training, therapy, or even being a new best friend!

Coaching isn't consulting

Constultants improve situations; coaches improve people.

Consultants are viewed as experts hired to use personal experience to define and solve a problem.

Coaches, on the ther hand, don’t use their personal experience as a model of success for their client. The client is viewed as the expert who just needs direction to find their own solutions.

Research has shown that people respond better when following up on their own ideas verses taking someone else’s advice.

Coaching isn't mentoring

A mentor says, “Follow me.” A coach helps a client discover where they are, then asks the client, “where do we go next?”

A mentee attempts to follow in the footsteps of the mentor; whereas a coach helps the client draw from their own experiences.


Coaching isn't training

Training is curriculum focused. Coaching is client focused. 

Training is about mastering specific skills or objectives. Coaching is about guiding individuals (or groups) to set and reach their own objectives. 

Training has a curriculum. Coaching has no clear path or curriculum.

Coaching isn't therapy

Therapy examines the past to help a client cope with the present. Coaching builds on the present to create the future. 

Therapy helps a patient go from a dysfunctional place to a functional place and must deal with the past to get there. Coaching clients are general operating at a functional level. They  just need guidance in seeing the inner obstacles holding them back and empowerment to take action.

Coaching isn't your new best friend

A best friend has opinions and an agenda. A coach has a process. 

Even though your best friend may have your best interests at heart, it still your best friend’s agenda for you. Your best friend is probably also not a trained professional. A coach is not attached to any outcome or decision their clients make. A coach is a training professional that has tools to help you get one step closer to living your best life. 

My Systematic Approach

As a COR.E Performance Dynamics trained coach, I utilize the most comprehensive process for achieving mastery in sports and in life.

What exactly is a master? A master is someone who lives their best life by having the desire to continually learn, grow, and develop to the BEST version of themself.

Together, we will examine who you ideally want to be, how you want to “ride,” what you want to achieve in riding and in life, and we will devise a plan to get you there.

My systematic approach includes all of the concepts, exercises, and experiences that you will need to increase your athletic and personal potential.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

I can’t wait to speak with you one on one about how coaching can fit your needs and goals. It will also be a great way to make sure I fit as your personal coach. 


Choose a Coaching Plan

My most popular coaching packages are listed below. If you don’t see a package that meets your needs, no worries! We can work together to create teh perfect coaching program for your needs and goals. 

Reach Your Goals

Reaching your goals will be the BEST part of the custom coaching program that we develop together, based on my professional background and your personal input. Let’s do this!

Core Values Assessment Package

With this package, you will take a short assessment that determines your top core values in life. Your package includes a 40 minute call to go over the results of your assessment.


More Details

When you are not living in alignment with your Core Values, it will be almost impossible to reach your potential. Your Core Values are so deeply imbedded in who you are that living against them will create unbearble stress. 

This assessment will give you awareness and with that awareness, we can create an action plan going forward.

Core Values + Energy Leadership Index Assessment Package

This package includes the Core Values Assement plus the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment. Your package includes one follow up call for each assessment (40 minutes for the Core Values Assessment and 60 minutes for the ELI debrief).


More Details

In addition to the Core Values Assement, this package includes the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment.

Your ELI Assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete and is followed up with a 60 minute debrief to go over your results.

The ELI is an attitudinal assessment tool that captures how you currently perceive and approach your athletic performance, work, and life.

The ELI is a propietary researched-backed assessment tool that takes some abstract (like how you view the world) and turns it into a metric that you can see and feel-and reevaluate over time.

With the awareness you are given with your ELI assessment, you will have the opportunity to reshape your attitude, your worldview, how you approach problems, and relate to others.

The ELI can help you take a close look at where (and how) you are investing your energy. When you understand the results, you will be able to make a plan to adjust your priorities to reach your unlimited potential and goals.

12 Week Coaching Package

The 12 Week Coaching Package is the ultimate coaching package for those wanting to improve sports performance or just life in general. 

The 12 Week Package includes both the Core Values Assessment, the ELI Assessment and 10 additional weekly calls of 45 minutes each. 

Custom Pricing

More Details

The 12 Week Coaching Program is completely customized to your specifics needs, goals, and dreams. 

We will identify the obstacles that are keeping your from reaching your unlimited potential and goals.

We will also assess what 6 areas of your life that are working for you (and influencing you) or that are working against you (and creating stress).

Finally, we will create and implement an action plan that allows you to make a shift in your energy and attitude that will lead to your increased perofrmance and complete transformation in life.