What would you say if I told you that stress is NOT the enemy? You would think I was crazy, right? I mean who doesn’t have stress in their life, AND who doesn’t want less of it? I am sure you have blamed stress for your lack of energy at some time or another. But what about this observation…have you ever noticed that what one person perceives as stress is barely noticeable by another person? And another person could even get excited about that same scenario.

Let me try an example. How do you feel about public speaking? Does the idea of being on stage and having the attention of thousands stress you or energize you?

If stress is not the enemy, the what is? Your reaction to stress.

Your reaction to stress is what causes tension and anxiety. Your reaction to stress is what creates strain on your mind and body. Your reaction to stress is what can make you feel like a victim to your circumstances. Your reaction to stress is what drains your energy and attitude toward life.

We can’t change the stress in our life. Stress is here to stay. But we can absolutely change our reaction to stress.

There are 6 areas in your life that, when they are working for you are called Influencers. Influencers build you up and give you more energy to face life. When any of the 6 are working against you they are Stressors. Stressors break you down and drain your energy.

When I am your Coach, I will provide you a plan and program to reduce your reaction to each of the 6 Stressors so they can become your biggest COR.E Influencers.

The 6 COR.E Influencers are:

  1. Spiritual: Your Spiritual Influencer is not about religion (although it can be), but rather it involves your purpose, beliefs, values, desires, goals, etc. It is about what you want to do and how you want to do it. Anytime you are doing something in conflict with your Spiritual Influencers, it will create stress and drain your energy. The Spiritual Influencers is so important to you energy, that if it is “off,” it is almost impossible to turn around any of the other Influencers.
  2. Mental: Your Mental Influencer is about your clarity on your task at hand, your ability to stay focused during the task, and whether the task you are doing creates the correct challenge for you. When you are stretched too thin, have conflicting demands, when the task your are doing is too challenging or too boring, or when you multi-task (it’s true), it will create stress and drain your energy.
  3. Emotional: Your Emotional Influencer is about how well your needs and desires are being met by the task you are performing, how excited you are to be doing it, and whether your have emotional control in any given situation. When you feel that your needs, desires, expectations, etc are not being met, when you can’t sort through a situation, or when you can’t effectively process your emotions, it will create stress and drain your energy.
  4. Physical: Your Physical Influencer is about your awareness about what your body is telling you and how well you are taking care of your physical self (nutrition, rest, exercise, preventive care, etc). When you body can not function how you are used to it functioning, it will create stress and drain your energy.
  5. Social: Your Social Influencer is about having the “right” amount of social interaction for you. Maybe you prefer a crowd setting or maybe you are more of a loner. Maybe you love the thrill of competition or maybe you prefer casual sports. In either case, having the wrong social environment will create stress and drain your energy.
  6. Environmental: Your Environmental Stressor is about what is going on around you. How is the weather, the temperature, the fit of your clothing, or the feel of the chair making you feel? If you are faced with an environment that you believes prevents or inhibits you from being your best, it will create stress and drain your energy.

When you work with me as your Coach, we will work together to identify which of the COR.E Influencers are creating stress for you and draining your energy. We will then develop a plan to give you the tools to be less reactive to your stress. Because we all know that stress is here to stay-but not your reaction to it.