What My Wonderful Clients Have To Say

Since 2014, I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to work with such amazing people.  It is an inspiration to watch each of them commit to the process and experience to change and growth.  It would be an honor to have the opportunity to share my approach and tools for change with you.

Karen D.
Coach Leah is not for the faint of heart. She is for the one who truly desires improvement in their life. She will push you, with kindness and respect, to the edge of your comfort zone, and then just a tad farther. She will listen to your ‘why’ and help you remember what you are striving for. Coach Leah will not coddle you, she will not accept less than the best you can do. She understands that life is full of mountains and valleys and she will help you find your best path to your goals. Leah is more than a Coach, she has become a friend who listens when I say “I can’t do X” and then reminds me of how far I’ve come. I She will push you, and she will give you a hand in the weak spots. She will believe in you when you can’t find the strength. If you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle, if you are ready to become the best you possible, trust Coach Leah to help you get there.

Kristin D.
When I met Leah I was looking for something a little more to compliment healthy eating so joined her boot camps. During this time I also took her Energy Leadership Course which I found eye opening. Along with my everyday health and fitness struggles I was finding myself very unhappy in my career due to some management changes, so I decided I would try Leah’s one on one coaching as I felt I needed something to help me with my current work situation. I can’t say enough about the calls and her coaching! One of our last calls I expressed that I couldn’t accept my current work situation, so Leah empowered me to accept it or make a change. Those calls helped me realize I had the confidence, skill set and opportunity to start over. I have worked at my current company since 1988, and now after just a few short months I am leaving my current salaried management position to work in Real Estate. This experience allowed me to give my 8 weeks notice and leave in a positive manner. While I know this will be a huge challenge without my income, but I am looking forward to working very hard and taking the opportunity to get our finances and future in order. Thanks Leah!

Barbie C.
I met Leah through her Athletic Rider page. I found her posts intriguing and helpful. I reached out to her for help with certain life issues I was having at the time, and she coached me through them beautifully. She is honest and won’t sugar coat things which we all need. She has a way of helping us come to our own conclusions as well as correction when needed. I will definitely consult with her in the future. She has a heart that truly wants to help others.

Rebecca B.

Leah is a gem! Throughout our 6 year relationship, Leah has provided me with not only a fitness plan that I can stick to, but skills that reinforce that plan. She provides the guidance and positive reinforcement needed in order to maintain that newly acquired skill set for the long term. Leah is less of a “do this” and more of a “this is why you are going to do this” coach, providing insight and asking her clients to look deeper into themselves. That deeper look has allowed me to fully understand and embrace and challenges that may come my way and know that regardless of the task at hand, I can do it.

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