While we all know that each of us has 24 hours in a day, it certainly appears like some of us were given only 21 hours and others were given 25 or 26! What is the difference? The difference is how you view time and how you use time-and that difference means everything when it comes to your quality of and success in life.

What is your current perspective on time? Is it something that seems to be working against you? Perhaps you feel like you are fighting time every step of the way? If you have lost a loved one, maybe your attitude towards time is that it is a precious gift that should not be wasted. I am sure there has been a time in your life (no pun intended! LOL!)  that you were so focused that it seemed that time was standing still. Whatever your current perspective is, there are tools available to take your attitude and energy about time to a higher and less stressful level.

Awareness of how you spend your time is the first step toward changing it. To create that awareness, try this simple exercise. Print the image below or write out a clock on a piece of paper.

Next, fill in the clock with how your currently spend the hours of your day

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • doing physical activity
  • commuting
  • working
  • family/social life
  • personal time (reading, relaxing, enjoying a hobby).

If you really want your clock to be accurate, try keeping a time log for 3 days and then see how closely your perception of how you spend time is to how you really spend time.

How does your actual day align with what you really want out of life?

Time is an important focus for everyone. That means that how you spend your time has a HUGE impact on you energetically.  I can assure you that if they are not in alignment then how you are spending your time-how you are living-is actually creating stress for you. And by now, you know that your reaction to that stress can bring your energy down.

What’s the fix? The solution is simple but not necessarily easy-especially if you are a “people pleaser” and hate telling people no. Once you have awareness of how you spend your time, the next step is to prioritize your time by scheduling your “must haves” followed by your “nice to haves.” Just making one small change in the amount of time you create for your “must haves” will have a strong impact on your attitude and energy. If you don’t believe me, ask any horse girl what an hour at the barn can do for her peace and joy!

Because how you spend your time does have such an impact on your quality of life, I am offering a stand alone coaching session to go over these principles and help you create your perfectly balanced day to bring you closer to your perfectly balanced life. Contact me for details and we will get you started!