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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about helping another person achieve their personal or profesional goals.

At its very best, coaching is about helping a person make profound and lasting shifts in their lives by pushing them to dig deeper so they can unlock their true potential.

What is Traditional Coaching?

Traditional Coaching focuses on helping others clarify their goals, create action plans, and holding them accountable to the plan.

The downside to traditional coaching is that most people do not know their own potential so they “lower the bar” in defining their goals.

Traditional Coaching does get things rolling and can deliver results, but without something more, most people fall back into old habits.

What is Transformative or "Mastery" Coaching?

Transformative Coaching starts where Traditional Coaching ends.

Skilled Transformative Coaches (or “Mastery Coaches”) dig deeper into the underlying causes of a person’s challenges. A Mastery Coach will challenge their clients to think bigger and become more aware of their driving motivators and self-limiting factors.

Once a client becomes aware of their blocks, a Mastery Coach can guide them in making permanent and profound shifts in how they approach problems, goals, their world, and those around them.

Working with a Trasfomrative or Mastery Coach forges lasting, sustainable change by empowering clients to create the results they want.

Are the sessions confidential?

Our Coaching sessions are kept completely confidential as allowed by law.

Our Coaching Agreement provides the details of our code of ethics that governs the client-coach relationship.

How often do we meet and for how many sessions?

The most popular agreement (because it is the most effective) is a commitment to 12 weekly 45 minute sessions.

Clients who make the greatest shifts commit to weekly calls at the same time each week. The call often becomes a valued prioirty in the client’s life.

Many clients continue the coaching agreement after the intitial 12 week program. Should a client choose to continue, the sessions can often be extended to every 2-3 weeks.

The decision to continue coaching is ultimately your decision. Your coaching contract can be cancelled with no penalty with a one week notice.

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