Leah Hinnefeld

Peak Performance Coach

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m Leah! It is my passion and mission to help you reach your unlimited potential in your sport, and through all of your challenges and transitions in life!

My Story

Growing up, you could always find me in one of two places, in the saddle or in the pool. I spent my summers and school years both riding and swimming competitively. Eventually the horses won over the water-but not for forever! In 2016, I married my highschool sweetheart (a former Division I collegiate swimmer and current masters swimmer) and found myself spending more time around pool decks and eventually ended up back in the water for my own personal fitness.  Since starting my coaching business in 2014, I have worked with all levels of athletes from “backyard riders” to Olympic swimmers and World Record holders.  I have had the privilege to work with athletes from around the world. 

Once I learned that many high performing athletes often face anxiety and depression when retiring from their sport, I created a program to help athletes transition from a life of competition to a life full of new excitement and new potential.


My Values & Beliefs


“Always, with integrity in all ways.” This was a quote of my dad’s that I use as my motto for my business and personal life.


To create a relationship that allows you to reach your full potential, you can expect complete authenticity from me. 


Let my core value of achievement work to help you unlock your unlimited potential and reach your goals.


Having trust and being trustworthy go hand in hand for any one-to-one relationship to be successful, especially if that relationship is a coaching relationship. 


Faith can me a lot of things to a lot of people. For me, Faith is the assurance that I am being led in the best possible direction for myself and those I coach and influence.

My Approach

When you select me as your coach, I will work one-on-one with your to develop Your Performance Mastery Blueprint. Your Blueprint will contain the 5 Components of your personal Performance Dynamics System. In other words, we will create your secret sauce that will allow you to perform at your personal best.

The 5 Components are:

  1. Creating Your Game Plan that includes a complete picture of your goals, both in your sport and in life,
  2. Establishing Your Performance Foundation to learn where you are today in order to create the awareness  necessary to make change,
  3. Finding and Harnesssing Your Performance Influencers so you will not only see how much these influencers are detracting from your performance, but can also learn how to create shifts in yourself to produce a better performance,
  4. Mastering the 10 COR.E Disciplines to give you that calm, cool swagger owned by the world’s greatest athletes so you can unleash your full potential,
  5. Optimizing Your Success Formula to make sure it reflects what is working for you and eliminates what is not.