I’m Leah Hinnefeld

Sports Performance, Transition & Wellness in Life

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Sports Performance Coaching

Nothing can be more frustrating than feeling like you are falling short in the saddle, in the pool, or in your game. Let me help you unlock your unlimited potential and reach your goals in your sport…and in life!

Transition Coaching

Change can be tough. Whether it is transitioning from your life as a college or professional athlete, switching careers, or any adjustment in life, I will work with you to make that move less stressful and more fulfilling.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

What would it feel like to wake up feeling full of confidence and excitement to face your day and whatever it holds for you? I can help you own those feelings and more. Our work together goes beyond traditional coaching, revealing all of the internal and external influences that are blocking you from your best performance in your sport and in life.

Do you want to know how you are limiting yourself?

Do you want to learn how not to choke?

Would you like to to decrease fear and increase confidence?

Get ready to create the attitude and energy you need to succeed!

Goal Setting

Goals are not only where you are going, but also why you are going there, and what the result of getting there will be.

Creating Balance

Creating Balance in life or finding the time to get it all done can seem like a daunting goal-but it doesn’t have to! 

Stress Management

Stress is a direct result of looking at what is wrong with life rather that looking at what is right. But how do you make that shift in attitude?

Achieving Mastery

A master is someone who lives by a unique process and has the continual desire to learn, grow, and develop into the best they can be. 

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Simply put, coaching is about helping another person achieve their personal or professional goals.  A professional coach is someone who helps clients find clarity from within, overcome challenges with their own solutions, and ultimately accomplish their goals on their own terms. Coaching, when done at its highest level, is about helping people make profound changes and lasting shifts in their lives by pushing them to dig deeper so they can unlock their true potential.

When we work together, we will address the 5 Components of the COR.E Performance Dynamics System that are critical to unlocking your true potential.

Component 1: Creating Your Game Plan

Are you are looking for something more out of your performance? Or maybe you are in transition in some part of your life and do not have direction on your next move?

You may not know what that “something” is because you have only defined part of a goal and don’t have the complete picture. Without clarity and vision, you will struggle to reach that goal or feel empty when you do. Uncertainty leads to loss of confidence and lack of fulfillment or joy. Creating YOUR Game Plan is step one to finding that “something more.” 


Component 2: Establishing Your Energy and Performance Foundation

As you may be starting to figure out, understanding the nature of energy (your attitude-or how you show up) will help you develop more consistency in your sport and in life. 

We will take a look at your long term energy-or you overall attirude toward life. We will also check out your short term energy-or how you relate to specific task or goal. 

To maintain consitency and excellence requires you to manage both long and short term energy. 

Component 3: Finding and Harnessing Your Performance Influencers

Your 6 Performance Influencers are always affecting your performance and your life. We will identify which of those 6 Influencers are working for you and which ones are creating stress for you.

After you have this awareness of your influencers, we will work together to teach you how to create shifts for yourself that will, in the moment, either get you back on track or keeping you heading in the right direction.

Component 4: Mastering the 10 COR.E Disciplines

How do the world’s greatest athletes and individuals overcome distractions, lack of motivation or confidence, sabatonging self-talk, and other hexes? 

They have developed an approach to their sport and life that keeps motivation at its peak, resiliency strong, and the ability to see opportunities clearly in focus. 

When we work together, your will learn and those 10 COR.E Disciplines that will bring out the ideal you.

Component 5: Optimizing Your Success Formula

One thing in sports and life is certain-what worked for you yesterday may not work for you today. 

The challenge is that discovering what is and what is not working can be a complex process!

Real optimization comes from knowing what’s at the core of your perfomance-and focusing on that cause rather than the effect. We won’t stop until we have refined your game plan to reflect where you are in that moment to give you the greatest opportunity for the greatest you.


About Me


Hi! I am Leah Hinnefeld, your Sports Performance and Transitions Coach. 

Since 2014, my equestrian coaching company, the Athletic Rider, has worked with thousands of riders across the United States and internationally, supporting them on their journey to better health-physically, emotionally, and mentally. I have worked with riders on every level and from all backgrounds.  

In 2019, I went “off course” and added international swimmers, Olympians, and Olympic hopefuls to my “stable of athletes.” That can happen when you marry a former Division 1 swimmer!

My passion for helping others combined with my unique systematic and proven approach allows the athletes I coach to unlock their true athletic and personal potential and achieve true mastery in sports and in life.


When I decided to retire from professional swimming, Leah helped me create a new career plan that was both exciting and rewarding. My last swim came from a place of joy for the sport, not from one of sorrow for leaving. 

After just 3 weeks of working with Leah, my riding instructor noticed my increased fitness and confidence. Leah is the best!

After having a successful highschool swimming career, I was frustrated at my poor performance in college. Leah helped me refocus and my last season was my best season since swimming at college.

Whether you are ultimately pursuing mastery in your sport or facing a transition in life, it is vital that your program fits your unique needs, goals, vision. One key component of your program is your one-to-one relationship with your coach. I am offering you a complimenatry COR.E Performance Dynamics Stategy Session to help you form a more complete vision and to see if we are are a working pair. I look forward to our time together!